Sunday, May 23, 2010

Winter Wish List: Snuggle Socks

My sister and I almost had a heart attack yesterday when we saw these soft pink angora snuggle socks by Peter Alexander (he calls them slipper socks, but I reckon they should be called snuggle socks). Sadly they are $65 and seeing as though we both are on a tight budget we couldn't justify spending all that skrilla on fluffy socks. But my God they are soft. And snuggly. And stripey! And pink! And the seude soles and pom poms are to die for. They are heaven in a sock.

I think life would always be good if I had these socks on my feet.

Maybe next winter. Or if anyone wants to buy them for me as an early Christmas present, go right ahead. You can email me for my postal address.


  1. omg. i have these. well not exactly these, but the less cool version from sussan. they are grey, have pompoms and have little grip things on the bottom. 15 deenars last winter.


  2. Let's trawl Sussan's in our LB tomoz!

  3. yer check it out online

    they look xmas themed!


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