Sunday, May 30, 2010

Remember Dunkaroos?

Every weekend my Papa Bear and I do the grocery shopping together. It's our weekly ritual to hit up Coles on a Sunday. It used to a be Saturday, but we find the supermarket much more pleasant on a Sunday. Less crowds.

Having a younger brother, I am in charge of picking his school snacks. But really, I use this as an excuse to re-visit my childhood and stock up on old school snacks from yesteryear.

Today I picked an absolute blast from the past, chocolate Dunkaroos. Remember the little biscuits that dunk in the chocolate dipper thingo that tastes like nutella. I am super excited to demolish mine tomorrow. James on the other hand, was less thrilled. "I don't really like those," he said.

Other snacks I've grown quite fond of and remind me of primary school -

  • Digestive biscuits (such an off-putting name for such a yummy treat, actually eating one right now. I wonder if they really do help you digest?)
  • Zoopa Doopas
  • Ruffles chips (S&Vs of course)
  • LCMs
  • Le Snacks
What food reminds you of being a kid?


  1. Remember those Golly Wog biscuits? I know they are all politically incorrect these days, but they were so good!

  2. I loved those biscuits with the white and pink icing! Can't remember their name. And yes, gollywogs.

    Pretty please bring me a dunkaroo tomorrow? I'll swap you for one of my 14 yr old bro's school snacks.

    -Shan Dog

  3. Were they called Iced Vovos?

    What kind of snacks does Eddy boy have? I was planning on brining you a dunkaroo anyway :P :P :P :P

  4. Do you remember nic nacs? The salt and vinegar flavour? They were delicious!

  5. OMG LOVED NIC NACS! Such good S&V flavour! And remember vice verca chocolates?


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