Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Public Displays of Affection Gone Mad

I like holding hands with a boy as much as the next person. A little bit of a cuddle and a kiss in public is totally fine. But there is definitely a line when it comes to public displays of affection. I cringe when I see any hand on buttocks action (even worse when it's hand on bare buttocks, ie. they've delved underneath the pantaloons). I can't stand it when couples spend the whole night pashing. Why bother coming out if you're just going to eat face and whisper sweet nothings in cooooouite baby voices the whole time? How anti-social.

On Saturday night, my friends were witness to a frisky couple having sex on the couch at World Bar. Yes, you heard me, sex. I was out the front being a dirty, drunken smoker and missed the whole ruckus. But if you don't believe me, here is the photographic evidence. Obviously the look on Justin's face is a clear indication that they are indeed getting jiggy. I won't go into the graphic details of what they saw, but it was definitely on like Donkey Kong.

Then on my lunch break this Monday, while trying to eat my Vegie sambo in peace, two randy high school kids dry humped each other on the food court bench, for all to see. The girl was literally straddling the dude like a bloody pommel horse. Luckily a cranky old lady lived up the her stereotype and told them off.

Here I was thinking the hand on derriere was crass. Wow. Welcome to a whole new world of spewy.


  1. holy shit


  2. this is nothing new really. people have been getting it on in clubs for ages. you should try it, it's pretty fuckin hot.

  3. Nothing really????

    Hmmm, maybe I'm a prude but I reckon this is a lot, really.

  4. nothing NEW really...

  5. Beg your's, been staring at a computer screen all day... But still ditto my comment above, I've never seen people sexing in a club. Couldn't agree more with Shan Dog, holy shit.

    Are you sure you're not actually going to strip clubs/ brothels?

  6. oh. my. god.
    That is ridiculous! If you're old enough to be at a bar/club, you're old enough to get a fucking room, or stay at one of your houses.


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