Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mystery Dating

Last night my gorgeous friend went on a mystery date. She knew the fellow, just not the activity they would be doing. She also didn't know if it was a date date, or just a mate date. All week he had tantalised her with little clues. "Wear clothes you can be active in, they may be steezy. You can still look cool while having fun!" He messaged. The word "steezy" put my friend and I into a frenzy.

HER: What the hell does steezy mean?
ME: I have no idea?
So, after a bit of Urban Dictionary action it turns out it's a snowboarder term that combines the words "style" and "ease".
ME: Maybe he's taking you bowling?

HER: Ewww those shoes are terrible.
ME: I know they will ruin your outfit.

The lovely gentlemen ended up taking my girl skateboarding across the Harbour Bridge. What an awesome date! Free, sober, fun - I definitely need to find me a creative dater.

TEXT MESSAGE FROM FRIEND: He took me skateboarding across the Harbour Bridge.
REPLY FROM ME: Oh my god that is so fucking romantic! What a cool date, I have date envy.

But now the first mystery is solved, the question still remains was it a date or friendly hang?

Image courtesy of Rock n Roll Bride


  1. Yeah I reckon it was a total date too!

  2. Woah... that is a really cool date! Jealous much!

    So, was he cute?


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