Saturday, May 15, 2010

Girl Talk

Backslide: Definition- Hooking up / getting back together with an ex. Ohh yes, the good old backslide. 99% of people have been guilty of some sort of backsliding, that's why you should always implement the golden rule of never bitching too vigorously about a friend's ex, as you never know what will happen. Another tip to prevent backsliding: do not drink and slide, one should always remain sober around one's ex.

Back-Up Boy: Definition - Someone who is a bit comme ci, comme ├ža. They're nothing special but a good time filler until someone exciting comes along.

Butterfly Boy: Definition - Interesting, witty, clever people who genuinely give you butterflies. Someone you click with and would like to date.

Band-Aid Boy: Definition - A rebound boy (or girl), used as a healing device to get over a break-up. You never date Band-Aid Boys, you only meet up with them on nights out. Band-Aid Boys (and girls) must be super fun, and good dancers.

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