Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Karma Chameleon Strikes Again

I've written in the past about my new bestie, the karma chameleon, and how much I love her (most of the time... we're a bit love/hate). And now, the lovely lady has done it again, she's given me some more good fortune. I finally found a loving home for my oven! I was getting a bit worried that I'd never be able to get rid of it. But as fate would have it, it's going to the perfect person.

Miss Oven Purchaser has just gone through a very nasty divorce, and has bought herself her own little chick-cottage and is creating the whole kitchen around the oven! She is really excited about it.

"I'm so glad it's going to you, the whole reason I won it was because of writing about how hard relationships can be," I said.

So once again, thanks Karma Chameleon. But now I'm getting a bit worried, all this good fortune has got to bite me in the arse, right? Surely something terrible is just around the corner.

Did I tell you how pretty you're looking lately Miss Chameleon? Just ravishing.

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