Monday, May 31, 2010

If Your Facebook Profile Was Your CV, Would You Be Hired?

What does your Facebook profile say about you? Is every second picture you pulling an orgasm face? Or trashed? Or doing the snake mouth pout with the strategically placed hand on the hip, to allude to the always lusted after 'skinny arm'? Are your status updates bitchy and crude? Would you be comfortable with your future employers perusing your page, instead of your CV?

Mia Freedman wrote a
great article in Sunday Life, confessing to perving the social media profiles of her potential PA's, instead of their resumes. Mia says, "Without even thinking about it, the first thing I did before interviewing the five candidates was to look them up on Facebook and Twitter... I didn't need to glance at a single CV to eliminate three girls, based on their social media profiles alone."

And it's true, who doesn't turn to Facebook to cross reference a person? If someone looks like an arrogant wanker in their profile, then I probably won't go on that date with them. I'm always cautious of people who have over 1000 friends too. Come on, that's just weird. No one has a 1056 friends in real life. We all judge new people from their Facebook page.

Mia's article is a harsh reminder that what you do online, can always come back to haunt you. I reckon there are little snitches out there, slowly cultivating all the naive status updates of future politicians and at the peak of their career will whip out their embarrassing, ignorant tweets from the past and bring them down. You watch, status scandals will replace sex scandals.

So be careful kids, tweet nicely.

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