Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dream Boy

AKA Dream Boat, or as my friend from work calls it M-O-D (man of dreams).

Definition: The perfect guy for you who is almost always unobtainable due to geographical distance or his general God-like qualities that make him far out of reach. My first Dream Boy was in year 9 or 10. He worked in a coffee shop and had blonde spiky hair. I'd never even had a conversation with him but I was besotted. I didn't know his name so I just called him Dream Boy. But be warned, this term shouldn't be dished out willy nilly. It's not everyday you come across a DB. I've only had 3 DBs (all of which never eventuated into anything).

TIP: Never tell a Dream Boat that he's actually your 'Dream Boat' (yep, those were my exact words), like I did one drunken Saturday night last year. It will not work in your favour. Some things are better left as dreams anyway... 

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