Monday, May 10, 2010

Because I Really Need Sparkly Socks...

A big whoopsy daisy from me today. My EXTREME SAVINGS MODE has already buckled.

I went shopping with Shan-Dog and Carly, merely as a spectator on our lunch break but somehow ended up with a $13 pair of sparkly silver Country Road socks? I. Suck. At. Saving. Did I mention I also got a cookies and cream NZ ice cream. Whoopsy daisy x2.

But let me just say, the socks are divine and I will be rocking them with ankle boots this weekend. Yep, I'm doing it, I'm getting on the socks + ankle boots bandwagon. Like it, or lump it. I might end up homeless, too poor to pay for the hostel in Europe but hey, at least my feet will be warm and sparkly.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah but that's the way that you do the proper saving.. you have to give yourself mini awards like sparkly socks and icecream to reward yourself for the mega savings that you're doing!
    Penny x


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