Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sushi for Beginners

I'm not a fussy eater. But like most people, I have a few things I just can't stomach. Unfortunately sushi is one of them. This genuinely upsets me, I really wish I liked it. It's a cheap, quick and healthy snack. I've tried to enjoy it, but we're just not compatible. I feel like I'm missing out on this special sushi club. Everyone is always dashing off for their little pow-wows at Sushi Train, it seems like lots of fun!

On one of my first days at work, the office went out for sushi. It was one of the most nerve wracking experiences of my life. Being the New Girl I felt it would be extremely rude to turn my nose up at the food, so I did what any polite person would do and forced myself to eat it with a smile on my face. Being an amateur chopstick chick, do you know what I did? I ate it with a fork. A FREAKIN' FORK. Have you ever tried to eat sushi with a fork? It's not a good look. I must have looked so un-cultured. I have never felt more embarrassed and spastic in my life. But somehow I managed to eat every single piece.

My other weird food thing is seafood. I think this stems from watching My Girl (the best movie in the history of life) a few too many times. In one scene, Vada is eating seafood and asks her dad's girlfriend if she likes seafood and then opens her mouth, showing all the chewed up food and says "SEE food."

I've always feared that I'd get stuck in a situation where I'd have to eat seafood and this eventually happened when I was staying at a family friend's place in England. They were so sweet and had prepared an amazing seafood chowder for me. They wanted to give me a hearty, homemade meal as I had been backpacking and living off tinned food for months. And even though I wanted to vomit with every mouthful, I ate the whole thing (bar a piece of creepy looking fish). This is one of the biggest achievements in my life. It's right up there with graduating.

But finally I have found some sushi I actually enjoy. It has some fancy name but really it's just rice wrapped in tofu. It's delicious and a weird mix of sweet and savoury. Although it might not be your hardcore sushi, it still technically is sushi, albeit a Westernised version. But hey it's official, I LIKE SUSHI (it's fun to say!) The other night on the train home Shan Dog shared it with me. I took a cautious first bite and then hoovered down the whole thing.

SHAN DOG: Yay, now I can take you to Sushi Train!

ME: Oh my God! I've found a type of sushi I like! I can finally be part of the Sushi Club!

And sushi and I lived happily ever after.


  1. ps. your sushi dude has wood... wtf?

  2. Note: Sushi is not raw fish. The term actually refers to the rice and the way in which it is prepared. There are many veggie and/or landfood sushi items if the raw fish (actually sashimi when on its own) thing puts you off. Also, the tofu parcel thingies are traditional so you can be even more proud of yourself for that.

  3. Haha oh my God he totally does, I didn't even notice. How cheeky!

    The thing that irks me about suhi is how it's always wrapped in seaweed. I think the key to becoming a suhi guru is avoiding the seaweed ones. With my arversion to fish I obviously wouldn't even bother with sashimi.

    Kudos for the sushi lesson! I'm glad what I like is classed as legit!


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