Friday, April 2, 2010

When You Pick Up Where You Left Off

Today I caught up with a beloved friend I hadn't seen in almost a year. She's been living in Canada and has come home for a whirl whind two weeks. She is a very popular little lass and I honestly was blown away when she called me. I saw her home number pop up on my mobile and screamed with joy. I understand when you come home from overseas it can be crazy trying to see everyone. My cousin, who lives in Amsterdam, recently came home for a few weeks and explained it feels like your birthday party and you run around madly chatting to people for two seconds.

We sat on the sand at Balmoral and laughed ourselves silly. It was like no time had passed at all.

I've also started to have lunch with an old friend who works around the corner from me in the city. We haven't caught up in a long, long, time, and I miss her terribly. We've locked in our Wednesday lunch dates permanently and even though so much time has passed I am grateful we still get on so well.

Some people you just click with.

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