Friday, April 30, 2010


You can gauge a lot of information from text messages. Nothing kills me more than a bad texter. One word replies? Um, see you later. Lack of flirty banter and wit? No thanks. Bad spelling - don't even get me started. But a good texter? A good texter can make your day.

When it comes to texting with the opposite sex, I find the most fascinating elements are the little mind games you play with how long you leave in between replies. It's the technological version of hard to get. Too quick to reply (ie. 5 mins - half an hour) is usually perceived as too keen. Taking a day to respond is just plain rude and you may as well not bother writing back (which is a very effective, yet cruel way to show you're not interested). Anywhere between 5-8 hours is the benchmark for treating them mean and keeping them keen. They're interested, but they're playing it cool.

Another conundrum is the pressing question: to kiss or not to kiss? And if I sign off with a kiss should I do one or two? Naturally to friends I am a "x x" girl, I do it without even thinking. But with boys I usually suss out whether or not they are kissers and follow their lead. In my books, emoticons are a big no no. If used moderately I can make an exception to the rule. If used in jest I'll think you're pretty funny. But nothing makes my skin crawl more than a :P :S or ;)

It's pretty silly that we analyse all this crap, but FYI it's what women do best. But when you genuinely like someone (ie. they are a Butterfly Boy) then fuck it I say, and reply straight away! Life's too short to waste time in between texts. And life's too short to always be communicating through phones and The Interweb. If you really like someone, ask them on a date and have a face-to-face conversation. Remember those.
Pokey tongue? Don't even think about it. 


  1. I have a mate who is completely overwhelmed with dating/flirting/picking up strategies I think he just about gives up! A crying shame.

    (Bella it's been a while since I posted, I'm still here...)

  2. Good to see you Tom!

    Hmm maybe I could give him a tutorial? Teach him a few tricks of the trade. Don't let him give up!


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