Thursday, April 8, 2010

Skinny Bashing - Not a Fan

I've written various times in the past about my deep hate for people feeling like it's their business to openly comment on my physique. Yes, I am a small, small bitch. Yes, I could pass as a teenager. I get it. I know what I look like, I don't need you to remind me. But today was probably the worst I've ever had.
HER: You need to eat something, you're so skinny.

ME: No, trust me I eat like a horse. This is just my genetics - you should see my family we are all petite midgets.

A few hours later....

HER: Put on some weight! I'm going to say that everytime I see you now. Put on some weight!

ME: Um no, seriously this is just the way I am! Please don't skinny bash!

HER: Haha skinny bashing, that's a good one.

But it really isn't funny. No one wants to be told they need to put on weight. No one wants to be told they need to lose weight. I think it's safe to say you shouldn't talk about these kind of things unless you are genuinely worried about someone's health and are doing it out of concern, not spite or nastiness. Anyway, Shan Dog and I decided I'll send this certain someone email updates throughout the day of all the crap I eat, eg. Hey! Thought I'd let you know I just smashed a Happy Meal for lunch.... Yo, I just hoovered down some salt and vinegar chips, great afternoon snack!..... Mmmmmm that Buneo was delish, really helped me through the 4 o'clock rut etc.


  1. Michael Hutchence:

    Don't change for you
    Don't change a thing for me


  2. ha YES! i love this! i could not be more passionate on this matter!


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