Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Key to Saving? Credit Card Confiscation, Vegemite and Freebies

After next weekend I'm going into EXTREME savings mode. At the moment I'm just in SEMI savings mode and it's not going very well. I'll freak out about money and swear I'm only going to spend $31 a week on my train ticket, then I'll somehow, accidentally end up with a $160 leather mini skirt. This is why earlier in the week I made my brother hide my credit card. It truly is the devil disguised in plastic.

I promise I've been trying. I've cut out buying lunch (except for Mad Mex Fridays) and everyday I eat a foul Vegemite sandwich. If I'm up for a flavour sensation or in a crazy mood I'll add cheese to spice things up. It's pretty depressing whipping out my pathetic sandwich and having to watch Shannon eat an amazing meal (which I'll usually end up finishing off). I suffer lunch envy pretty much everyday.

Yesterday, it was just too much. I took a few bites and threw Mr Vegie in the bin. I fell captive to the smells of the David Jones' food court and scrounged together $4 of shrapnel. I was going to break the rules and buy a spring roll but then I stumbled across a free cheese stall! Even though they were handing out little morsels of brie it easily trumped my lunch. Then, if things couldn't get any better I found a sausage stall just around the corner from the cheese stall. The man, James to be precise, was lovely. He said he hadn't had many people try his gluten free sausages and I was welcome to eat as many as I liked. We hung out for a good 5 minutes while he explained the texture, ingredients and best way to cook them. I tuned out and stuffed myself silly. There was even fancy pants DIPPING SAUCE. Who says gluten free can't be yummy? So I put my coins back into my purse and walked out of DJs fuller and richer.

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