Monday, April 12, 2010

Eww Vibes

Definition: Certain traits, fashion trends or habits in potential suitors that suddenly make you repulsed and/or turned off. Petty deal breakers. ie. "Billy Bob dances like Elaine Bennis, I'm just not attracted to him anymore." My friends and I always talk about what gives us "eww vibes". The most common seem to be -

- Bad dancing
- Slug like kissing
- Gold chains
- Tarocash shirts
- Elephant trunk jeans
- Eating with mouth open
- Bad manners towards waiters
- Overuse of LOL in text messages
- Overuse of :P :) :S or any emoticon in messages
- Mis-spelling basic words such as "definitely" (people tend to spell it "definitaly")
- Not being able to distinguish between there / their and they're
- Boasting of their God like abilities when consuming alcohol
- Sleeping with fluffy toys

What gives you Eww Vibes?


  1. Elephant trunk jeans - classic.

    Contrary to receiving involuntary ew vibes, voluntary ew vibes (we trying to get over male) - imagine them in the bath, or doing a poo.

  2. Or totally forgot the poo + bath combo = that is the all time classic. Usually used for when you desperately need to STOP liking someone. i.e. Billy Bob has a gf so just picture him in the bath with a floating poo (too far I know, but definitely works)

  3. Oh yeah ewwwww people who say "HAITCH" (as in the letter H) instead of ay-tch need to get that shit sorted. Massive eww vibes.

  4. Ha!!! you got most of mine already!

  5. somethink opposed to something with a silent k.

  6. Oh I thought of another one that's the top of someone's list - SNIFFING!

  7. commuters on a train anwering their mobile with the bleeding obvious "I'm on a train". For the rest of the journey they scream into the mobile to the boredom of everyone else. Payback as you alight your destination you say to the inconsiderant commuter "that was the most mind dulling conversation I have ever had the misfortune to listen to". Say this even if they look divine at the beginning of the trip because by the end of it he/she will be an Eww.

  8. Awesome slug picture. However it gave me post-traumatic flashbacks...

  9. White sunnies. Big fat giant ew


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