Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Delete from Memory Moments

Definition: Red-faced moments that we'd rather forget, i.e. falling up a flight of stairs in public, waving back to someone who isn't actually waving at you, saying goodbye to a friend only to walk in the same direction as them, the awkward kiss/hug hello, drunk texting a potential love interest (also known as "message raping"), when your boob slips out on the red carpet to reveal an unsightly scar etc.

Ah yes, we all have them. I like to put mine straight into my Erase from Memory Vault. There they live with other humiliating tales. Like today for instance, I wore The Dress to work and a colleague said, "that dress looks cute on you Bella." Like most people, I suck at responding to a compliment. I tend to panic and come out with spontaneous word vomit. Do you know what I said in my flustered state? "I know." What I meant was, "thank you, it's a cute dress isn't it." But somehow that came out as "I KNOW". By the time I realised how wanky that sounded it was too late, the moment had passed to correct myself.

If only there was an actual erase from memory button and my dignity wouldn’t be so damaged.

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