Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Days Gone By....

Yesterday I graduated with a BA in Media and Cultural Studies, majoring in Print Media. You'd think after all the money you pay going to uni they could bloody well write your actual degree on the piece of paper properly, but the stingy bastards simply wrote "Bachelor of Arts". Excuse me, I did a jazzed up arts degree thank you very much. Luckily, the real name of my degree is on my academic record but it will forever shit me that The Official Piece of Paper isn't correct.

We were oh so fortunate to receive a mind numbing speech from some big shot "my-thesis-was-the-best-in-Australia" lady.... Most of the audience fell asleep and I felt like I was back in a painful Cultural Studies lecture, trying to sift through all the wanky jargon. I find it a little alarming that I supposedly have a degree in Cultural Studies yet I didn't understand a bloody word of this woman's speech. Shows how much I loved that part of my degree. As soon as she dropped the Foucault bomb I tuned out. But what's a graduation without a boring speech?
My mortar board caused me a great deal of stress. Having a pea sized head, I had to wear it completely crooked to make it fit and at one point it even fucking fell off. Thank God it was when I was sitting down and not actually up on stage getting my degree. I still died from embarrassment because I was sitting up the front and it made a very loud noise when it fell. Another delete from memory moment. Aside from all the pomp and ceremony, I had a brilliant day. I got to share this milestone with my gorgeous friend Marion, who along with Shan Dog, made my last year of uni the most memorable and enjoyable of them all.

It was weird to be back there and away from the office. It made me very nostalgic towards those years I've spent at Club Mac. I'll always hold that time in a very sentimental place in my heart. I've met some amazing people through uni.

Ah, Club Mac. It may be time to say goodbye, but I'll miss you. I'll miss the endless concrete. I'll miss the creepy Ibis and the regular trips to the vending machines for chips. I'll miss getting to crank up the radio while spending 45 minutes to find a park. I'll miss my snuggly napping couch in the library. I'll miss crazy Ray. But most of all I'll miss the people. Actually, scrap that. Most of all I'll miss the sleep ins that come with the cruisey uni lifestyle. Smell ya later education.

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