Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ranga Bashing: Please Stop It

A polarising new internet campaign funded by the Victorian Government which aims to discourage teenagers driving with mobile phones, is causing quite a stir. The most controversial ad says everytime you drive with your mobile, "gingas get fresh with other gingas," cue two red heads in bed with each other.

Since when were red heads a lesser 'race' that shouldn't have sex with each other? IT'S JUST A FUCKING HAIR COLOUR. I am genuinely jealous of all the gorgeous shades of red out there. I would kill to have red hair and cringe when
derogatory jokes are made about it.

Now this campaign has been launched, all of a sudden people are acting shocked and offended. They are jumping on the "let's not pay out red heads" bandwagon. But let me assure you, I am not one of those pretenders. No siree. My family and friends can back me up on this one. My love affair with red hair stems back to childhood when I wanted to be just like Ariel the Little Mermaid (quite possibly The Hottest Red Head of all Time). I always get furious whenever someone rips red heads and I had a massive crush on one of the most beautiful people (inside and out) I've ever met in my life. Who happens to have a lovely mop of yummy red hair.

So beautiful red heads, I say screw those hairist (racist: but towards red heads) bastards, embrace your amazing locks and please make lots and lots of babies (preferably with me).


  1. Embracing all the way :)

  2. awesome! Come to newcastle and help us fight the fight!

  3. Penny said...
    Gingas get fresh with other gingas? or ginas?

  4. Oh thank you, typo fixed! Would you like to be my sub-editor? I'll pay you with hugs?


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