Monday, March 22, 2010

Would You Like Some Airbrushing With Your Self-Esteem?

I’m all for the self. And I'm all for esteem. But I couldn't help getting the shits today when I stumbled across this photo of Kelly Osbourne. It's for a new self-esteem campaign in the UK.

KELLY IS THAT YOU? I'm sorry, I could barely recognise you through all that airbrushing. Yes, she looks fab. But she has been airbrushed to the bullshit, lost half her body weight and has teamed up with the fake tan company St. Tropez for this twisted campaign. Why on earth would you promote self-esteem with a company that feeds off the insecurities women?

Unhappy with your appearance? Here, smear this poop smelling gunk all over yourself. And trust me people, it bloody well works. I know I speak for a lot of women by admitting I somehow feel prettier when I'm smothered in poop-smelling gunk. It may wreak, but fake tan sure does make you look better (in chick's eyes anyway. I know a lot of men who would beg to differ, especially when they wake up and their pristine white sheets are stained orange. How romantic). It's stupid and shallow I know but seriously, these days everyone has a cheeky bottle tucked away in their bathroom. And if they don't DIY fake tan, then they just get sprays. Yes, this is all better than getting skin cancer but being airbrushed to the point of looking like a Barbie + St. Tropez = bad coupling for a self-esteem ad! Oh the hypocrisy, from Kelly and me! Here's my idea of what a REAL image for self-esteem looks like. I've always adored this notorious cover of Beth Ditto for Love Magazine and I hope you do too. Now, if only we could all be as comfortable in our own skin, whatever shape and shade that may be, as Miss Ditto.
(Photos courtesy of Splash News Online & The Imagist )

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