Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Words That Make Me Want to Spew:

- Being called babe/ honey / sweetie, especially by ditsy shop assistants who are younger than me.

- 'Etch' ( the ugly cousin of 'sketchy', used to describe something dodgy, ie. ohh dude that's so etch) VOMIT, speak with REAL words please.

- 'Eck', instead of check ie. eck this dictionary out.

- When my best friend Faen mis-spells her beautiful name 'FaWn' just so dummies know how to pronounce it.
- 'Chat' (slang for shit) don't even get me started. This word is so foul it should be illegal. It's like razor blades to the ear.

-'LOL' used in any context makes my skin crawl, but when used in REAL LIFE as a substitute for actual laughter I could cry*. I have noticed more text talk polluting the vernacular and it breaks my heart.

* With the exception of LOL CATZ, those guys do bad engil good.


  1. And someone the other day had the nerve to tell me that I'd spelt Faen incorrectly -
    "It's a W" they remarked.

    I nearly swallowed them whole.

  2. ROFL - hahah
    another awful one.
    I started saying the term 'ohh that's a bit exxie' which is (what i thought was cool) another way of saying 'that's expensive'.
    I was strictly told by Brazel that it is gross and he never wants me to use the word again. Fare call - i regret i ever used it.

  3. We really need to crack down on Faen and get her to start spelling her name right!

    Gargs - I actually use exxy too! I think it's quite daggy and I've been told off too but I still use it.

    Would rather use exxy over BABEZZZZZZZZZZZ any day. xx


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