Sunday, March 14, 2010

Text Roulette, My New Favourite Game

A few weeks ago my sister's friends introduced me to a game called Text Roulette (aka social suicide). As we nibbled on our dumplings and vegetable bouquets (we ordered these as a joke but they ended up being delicious) at a Polish restaurant in Glebe the game was explained -

Step 1: Close your eyes and scroll through the address book in your phone.

Step 2: Whatever contact you land on you MUST send them a text message (ok, so this rule is not actually life or death and obviously there are the odd exceptions you can weasel your way out of ie. one person landed on their ex-boyfriend's sister, we let her scroll through again). Most of us landed on awkward acquaintances we weren't friends with and hadn't seen in

Step 3: As a group, help one another write the text message. Depending on how much wine you have consumed you can be as creepy as you like, but most people opt for the safe 'how are you going' style message. If you're really daring you can even chuck in a 'we must catch up soon!'

Step 4: Send the message and wait for a reply.

Step 5: Cry with laughter when people actually do reply.

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