Friday, March 19, 2010

Anyone Need An Oven?

I couldn't have asked for a better day, so here it is played out through my text messages and emails -

TEXT MESSAGE FROM ME TO SHAN DOG: Damn, I don't even look brown. I should have gotten a darker spray tan. How's yours? 1 more sleep till races with the Cleo bachelors!

SHANNON: Hey BABE, my tan looks so etch. LOL. Want to go to Gloria Jeans for coffee before work?

ME: Haha classic! Well at least you don't look albino like me. Sorry, so poor I'm actually in the minus. I might be a goody goody and head straight to the office, I'll see you in there. I have to stop buying stupid bits and pieces (with the exception of all race related products for Saturday). Next week's pay will be rationed out better.
EMAIL TO SHAN DOG: Ah so happy! I Just spoke my boss and she said of course I can go to Europe for the full five and a half weeks! What a legend! Now if only I had some money saved!
TEXT FROM INGRID: Awwwweeeeeesoooome! That is amazing! I am so excited!
TEXT FROM PENNY: WHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! That's great news Bella!
EMAIL FROM SUNDAY LIFE MAGAZINE: Hi Annabelle, I hope you are well!

I just wanted to congratulate you, and let you know that the letter you submitted to Sunday Life was selected as the Letter of the Month for February. Congratulations! You have won an LG Freestanding oven, with a 90cm dual-fuel cooker with twin-fan convection, valued at $2999.

Sorry to contact you via email, but it was the only contact we have for you. Please can you give me a call on xxx or email me back and we can work out delivery of your prize! Congratulations again!
TEXT TO FAMILY: My letter won letter of the month! I just won a 3 grand oven!!
TEXT FROM PAPA BEAR: Unbelievable! You can put it in your bedroom! Well done.
EMAIL FROM COUSIN JONO: Hey Bell, well done! Honestly an oven is so boring but in a few years you'll want it. You can always sell it and get the cash.
EMAIL TO JONO: Haha I know how funny! Definitely going to sell it and put the moola towards Europe! I'm just so stoked they picked my letter!
TEXT FROM SISTER: Oh the feminist irony. Thanks for your article, now here is an oven. Get back in the kitchen and shut up.

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  1. Maybe they know that it's YOUR oven and unlikely to cook up a storm they and ain't comin' runnin' - any emails?

    And mind your language on here - your godmother would be horrified!

    Unca J


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