Saturday, February 20, 2010

Never Judge a Woman by her Foot Size

One of the joys of working full-time means I can now treat myself to things I usually wouldn't. After a massive bout of shoparrhea today (I seriously couldn't stop shopping) I decided to get a 'pedi' as my feet were looking quite barbaric (I'll spare you the details).

It was suppose to be a relaxing escape. As I dozed off in my comfy massage chair, the lady next to me interrupted.

HER: Sorry love, don't mind my asking but how old are you? It's just... well... I looked at the size of your feet and thought, my God! Why is that little girl getting a pedicure without her mother here? But then I looked at the rest of you and thought you must be at least 16.

ME: I am 21, 22 next week actually.

HER: Really?

ME: Yep, last time I checked.

HER: But you have the smallest feet I've ever seen, and such a young looking face.

ME: Just becuase I have small feet doesn't mean I'm young. I'm mortifyed you thought I should be here with my mother! Do you mind me asking how many sexual partners you've had?

Ok so I didn't say that last part, but I wish I did. It really pisses me off that strangers are so comfortable to comment on my physique like it's their business. Thanks for ruining my pedicure lady.

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