Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Sunday Life Letter

For those of you who haven't read the Gottlieb article which got my knickers in a knot, in a nutshell it said women are too picky, we have a heightened sense of entitlement and should just settle for whatever is available before it's too late. To top it off, this poppy cock was published on Valentine's Day. There was also a supporting article about how author Tara Moss waltzed onto the internet and found a husband, like it was the easiest thing she's ever done and we should all give it a go. Err ok, sure. One husband from the husband shop please. Too easy.

Anyway, here is my letter... this one's dedicated to all my single ladies! All my single ladies! 

Thanks Lori Gottlieb for telling thousands of single girls on Valentines Day exactly what we didn’t want to hear – we’re too picky when it comes to men. We already felt bad enough sipping our Sunday coffees on our lonesome, and then to open the paper and be told it’s all our fault. They may as well have handed out razor blades with that issue.

Although the article raised some valid points about being more realistic when it comes to finding The One, it failed to shed light on the fact that some men simply are jerks and will dump you quicker than a sack of… well you know the rest.

These days, all it takes to be Prince Charming in my book is someone who doesn't ask me back to his house within an hour of meeting him. For girls who do want excitement (at least in the beginning) and don’t want to settle for the mundane use my simple gauge when dating – if a dude doesn't give you butterflies, he's not worth it.

Heightened sense of entitlement? I think not. I believe we can find and deserve our equal counterpoints. Too optimistic? Well I'm only in my early 20s and definitely not ready to read such a pessimistic article on Valentines Day, and I'm definitely not ready to throw in the towel and trawl the Internet for Mr Right.

My good friend Sacky cheekily messaged me this morning saying, "I just read your letter. Do I give you butterflies?" I replied, "You're a douche. No, you don't. But I hope your girlfriend does!" 


  1. Thatsa my goddaughter - beat the bastards off with a stick darling; they're all pigs. I should know; I was one once!

  2. Another late night with Bella. I don't remember being so entertained by something that someone else had to say?! I hope it is just as rewarding to write...


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