Friday, January 1, 2010

The Year, in Retrospect:

Lessons learnt:
- I am cursed with digital cameras - having purchased the same camera 3 times in one year (2 of which were mine, 1 was replacing my brother's that was murdered by sand) is horrifying.
- I've realised I'm dateophobic, I would rather swim with sharks than go through the nerve wracking trauma of a date.
- The best kind of job is when you look forward to going every week and have a 'boss' who is more like an amazing second mum.
- One should not drink and text. Drunk people and mobile phones should be against the law.
- It was probably not the best idea to briefly see a dude who spends his lunch breaks
sun baking to 'top up his tan' and more time straightening his hair than me. Brains over beauty was suppose to be my mantra but I let this one momentarily slip.
- Substituting a relationship with uni work works a charm! Hello the best marks in the history of my uni career. What a stark
contrast you'll be to my "failed withdrawn" in first year Ancient History and my "pass conceded" for French. Oh well, they didn't mean shit in the grand scheme of things and at least I succeeded in the subjects that matter.
- People you know inside-out can change into emotionless zombies literally over night. The only explanation for this is that their bodies have been hijacked by aliens. Faen has coined this disturbing occurrence as "Space Invaders". Beware, it can strike at any time and happen to the best of us.
- Uni can actually be quite enjoyable with the right mix of fabulous friends, subjects and teachers (yeah, I can't believe I just admitted to enjoying uni either).
- Life is so much better when you can drive.
- You are never too old to have a sleep over.

- No one warns you how much a broken heart hurts. It's a painful little mo-fo. 
- Blogging is too much fun and you should do it for the love it and to practice your writing, not to build up a mass audience (which let's face it, will never happen for me).

Twenty-Ten to do list:
- Find a full time job doing what I love by the end of the year.
- Travel by myself.
- Less chips, more fruit (I think I say that every year).
- Go a darker shade of fun (by fun I mean
blonde, maybe even brunette... yes, it's pathetic I am so scared to change the colour of my hair).
- Get more work published.

Quote of the year:
Comes from my best friend, Faen. Late one night we were talking about pointless crap on the phone, as we tend to do very often. A game we like to play is going through people we know and hypothetically talking about if we'd date them.
- ME: What about Mr X?
- HER: He's kind of cute but he walks with too much air in his feet so I don't think I could.
- ME: Are you serious? That's the reason why you wouldn't date him? Because he has too much air in his stride?
- HER: Yeah, he's so bouncy when he walks. He has waaaay too much air in his feet. I don't like it.

Sweet tunes of Oh-Nine (and my votes for the Triple J Hottest 100):
- Best dancing song: Sometimes, Miami Horror
- Best walking song: Fences, Phoenix
- Best moping song: Blood, The Middle East
- Best driving song: Skeleton Boy, Friendly Fires / Islands, The xx

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