Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I Wish I had a Dip. Jhoozh

Do they offer Diplomas in jhoozhing / frou-frouing / fluffing / making things pretty? Because I suck at it.

I can't tie Tiffany bows, I can't wrap presents, I can't channel my inner Martha Stewart.

I am an eternal grub. I don't have that anal retentive gene that makes things sparkle.

I wrap birthday presents with Christmas paper, I leave coffee circles on tables, I will always have a stain on my clothes by the end of the day, I buy make-up from the supermarket, I have chipped nail polish and uneven eyebrows.

There's lots of things I can do, but prissy presentation just ain't one of them. But I like a challenge and am determined to refine my skills (or lack thereof). Watch this space. Who says you can't teach an old slob new tricks?

I think Annabelle Brennan BA. in Media & Cultural Studies / Dip. Jhoozh (majored in bow tying, sub-majored in present wrapping) looks quite fancy pants.


  1. Haha i bet you were pondering how to spell "jhoozh"

  2. I think I have a Masters in Jhoozhing!! Stuff that, a Phd. It's really all that i'm good for. Want a present wrapped? Call me, i weirdly get off on it. Bow tying, flower arranging, random acts of sewing and pinning to perfection - i'm your girl. So glad i can now claim a few extra letters at the end of my name for this now.

  3. I definitely can imagine you as an amazing jhoozher Ali. You will now be my go to girl for all jhoozhing related tasks.


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