Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bitter Sweet

It wasn't made up in my head, there was something there. Something so close to becoming tangible, but we're at that age where religious differences are enough to keep people apart. I don't know what upsets me more - the fact I missed out on a potentially amazing relationship, or the fact it never even happened because of my lack of faith.

It's nice to know after all these months he had feelings for me too. Our flirty Fridays were definitely not constructed in my mind. I will forever treasure the things he said about me. He was the one boy in a long, long time who gave me butterflies.

Reason 505 Why I have the Biggest Crush on You: You are so grounded in your morals and would never want to hurt me because of our different lifestyles. Oh, and you happen to look like Heath Ledger . A lot like Heath Ledger. Have I mentioned that before?

Never thought I'd be relieved to know it's not me, it's Jesus.

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